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Specialist in foreign economic activity on 2019 year

Publication date: 05.04.2019

Fundamental requirement:

- Knowing Russian, Uzbek and English languages;

- Knowledge of computer and software;

- Knowledge of the "fundamentals of the economy and foreign trade activities";

- Knowledge of "Fundamentals of Marketing";

- Competent speech, skill to clearly state the thoughts;

- analytical mind and ability to make decisions;

- registration Tashkent.

Position requirements:

- Ability to conduct marketing activities;

- Searches for domestic export-oriented enterprises;

- Organization of activity of export products to foreign markets;

- Processing of documents related to the export of products;

- Cooperation with foreign partners (business correspondence, preparation of materials);

- Preparation of commercial offers in English and Russian languages;

- Gathering materials and the information, necessary for the mannuals, preparation of analytical, information, help and other materials.

Requirements to candidates:

Gender: Male;

Age: 25 – 35;

Higher education.


Uzbek -   Fluency;

English -  Fluency;

Russian - Fluency.

Additional requirements:

- Competent speech, the ability to clearly express thoughts;

- Analytical skills and ability to make the right decisions;

- Communication skills: demonstrate the ability to work with information (to generate / receive / process) necessary for the further promotion of business;

- Ability to negotiate;

- Responsibility;

- Diligence.

Additional Information:

Specialist of our company have the opportunity to prove his skills and move up on the career stairs, gain knowledge and skills; We welcome the active, competent and productive professionals, giving them the opportunity to show their achievements and contribution to the overall development of the company.

If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please send your resume by email: