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«Navoi Mevazorlari Tuhfasi» Ltd. AF

The LLC "Navoi Mevazorlari Tuhfasi" is an agricultural firm that was created in 2011. Its primary activity is cultivation of fruits by method of intensive gardening on 100 hectares, by using of system of a drop irrigation. Intensive orchards of Navoi Mevazorlari Tuhfasi agricultural firm are located in three massifs of the Navbakhor region of Navoiy region. The total area of the orchards 117 hectares: - at Okhunboboyev massif - 18,0 hectares; - at O. Parmonov massif - 48,0 hectares; - at Uch-tut - 51,0 hectares; The drop irrigation system is installed on the area of 67 hectares. Today the quantity of trees makes 46 703 pieces including; - Okhunbabayev massif - 4 112 pieces; - Ortik Parmonov massif - 28 836 pieces; - Uch-tut massif - 13 755 pieces.