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External procurement department

Ensuring the development and organization of optimal delivery schemes, and cost reduction by means of optimization the procurement and ongoing market analysis of necessary goods (services).
Ensuring the adoption of measures for the rapid conclusion of contracts with suppliers, control and monitoring of the implementation of commitments under import contracts and internal agreements, the implementation of the most appropriate for the Company's forms of settlement, types of contracts and forms of supply.
Implementation of permanent monitoring for selection, quality control and certification of the purchased products, in accordance with predetermined standards.
Implementation of the system of control over the activities of counteragents, identifying potential suppliers of reputation, the formation of the bank's trustworthy partners. Formation of long, medium and short-term plans for the procurement of raw materials, goods, equipment and services based on the specific requirements and demand.

The organization of supply logistics department

Control and ensuring the elaboration of optimal logistic routes for goods export and import, freight flow charts planning, organization, coordination and management of logistics processes of society.
Control and ensuring the development and implementation of methodological and regulatory materials logistics for specific units, the definition of the functions and operations.
Control and ensuring of formation of forecasting shipment volumes of goods for export, on differentiated terms of delivery, taking into account transport costs.