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Department of marketing and world perspective markets environment research.

Analysing of an environment of the world markets, studying of consumption features of the exported production, its competitiveness, and also forecasting of the prices and demand for the main articles of export on traditional and perspective sales markets.
Carrying out the deep system analysis of the long-term and the short-term tendency of development of foreign and domestic markets, in a view of the separate commodity positions, forecasting of prospects and efficiency of sales of the exported goods to the foreign states, taking into account the perspectives of economic and political situations.
The organization of publicity and participation in the international industry shows, fairs, exhibitions sales for broad informing of potential buyers and expansion of sales markets.

Department of mechanical engineering and metallurgy production export.

Production export of the mechanical engineering and metallurgy. Export of production of such enterprises as: JSC "Tashkent plant of agricultural machinery", JSC “Modular Plant”, JSC “Angren mining and metallurgical combine”, JSC “Uzbek combine of refractory and heat-resistant metals”, JSC “Navoiy mining and metallurgical combine”, JSC “Uzmetkombinat” and others.

Department of export construction materials.

Export of construction materials. The organization of ready goods reception from manufacturers at warehouses, rational storage and preparation for export. Export of production of paint and varnish production, dry construction mixes, sanitary production, PVC products and other types of construction production, and the products of such enterprises as: JSC Kyzylkumtsement, "Dzhizzak cement plant" and others.

Department of export of chemical and petrochemical production.

Export of chemical and petrochemical production, and also monitoring of the condition of ready goods stocks at warehouses of producers.
Export of production of such enterprises as: JSC "Maksam-Chirchik", JSC "Navoiazot", JSC "Ferganaazot", JSC "Ammofos-Maksam", JS Unitary Enterprise "Dekhkanabad Plant of Potash Fertilizers", JS Unitary Enterprise "Kungrad Soda Plant", JSC "Samarkandkimyo", UDP "Muborek gaz processing plant" and others.