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Department of strategic planning and development of perspective projects.

Development of strategic programs, projects and business plans, ensuring their timely and high-quality realization.
Implementation of coordination of work on projects at all stages, control of compliance of made decisions to the made actions, on the basis of the concept of development of Society.
Development and control of effective distribution and use of funds allocated for financing of investment projects.
Implementation of monitoring and coordination of activity of investment projects.

Department of accounting and foreign currency settlements.

Control and law enforcement, timeliness, correctness of registration of accounting documentation of the Society. Participation in carrying out of the complex economic analysis of financial and economic activity of the Society. Optimization of expenses, financial policy, definition of reserves, improvement of management of production, commercial and financial operations. Ensuring of timely reporting according to the legislation.

Department of the corporate relations with shareholders.

Management of the corporate relations. Control of placement and the movement of stocks of Society in depositaries, carrying out registration of transactions on purchase and sale of shares, formation and the publication of information on the state electronic portals, and annual reports on securities.
Ensuring of timely registration of protocols of the Supervisory board and the General shareholders meetings, granting prospectuses of the issue and other necessary information and reports.